Основная ценность нашей компании – наши сотрудники, а именно те люди, которые в ней работают. Наша компания предоставляет возможности как и для карьерного роста, так и достойно и честно вознаграждает за работу, поддерживает высокий уровень взаимоуважения в коллективе.

Perspectives of work in Allford Morisson LLC:

  • Friendly staff;
  • Healthy atmosphere within the team;
  • A variety of interesting projects;
  • Professional growth;
  • Good salary;
  • Support employees in any situation;
  • Permanent and continuous learning and sharing experience.

Young specialists:

We invite senior students of the leading universities of the Republic of Belarus to be trained in our company with the purpose of acquaintance with the specificity of work in legal business.

Internship in Allford Morisson means:

  • The opportunity to obtain practical work experience;
  • The opportunity to join friendly staff of the company by means of participating in daily life of the company;
  • The opportunity to interact with a team of associates and professionals;
  • The opportunity to start a career.

 How to get an internship in Allford Morison LLC?

If you are interested in this position, please, send your CV to our e-mail:
If you meet job requirements we invite you to the office to take an internal professional testing and interview.

What are the future prospects after an internship?

Successfully trained in Allford Morisson LLC could be employed to the company in case of an open vacancy.
For more information, please contact