International trade law

Our lawyers have more than 10 (ten) years in providing legal services in the field of international trade law. We provide legal services to the leading trading companies as well as services companies.

Belarus is known to have a serious investment potential. Today Belarus is a country which is open for foreign investment and it is able to offer favorable market condition. According to “Doing business 2015”, the Republic of Belarus ranked in 57th place. Despite difficulties, which are connected with transitional economy, setting up your own business in Belarus is much easier than in other European countries.

Why Belarus?

Firstly, Belarus borders on Russia, which is the greatest exporter of raw materials, and the European Union with the greatest economy in the world. The main railway lines and highways cross Belarus. Oil and gas pipelines are set in Belarus. Belarus is also a member of Eurasian Economical Union, so the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan are open.

Secondly, Belarus has a qualified and cheap labor, so the costs are not that high.

Thirdly, though the Belarusian market is not large, it is not glutted and this fact makes Belarus attractive for investments.

Additionally, there is progressive investment legislation in Belarus, which guarantees you legal protection. There is a number of legal acts including the Law on investments that regulates the investment procedures in a detailed way.

Finally yet importantly, Belarus has a stable social and political situation, there are no conflicts of regional, national or religious character.

Taking into consideration additional benefits, we admit that favorable climate, availability of free economic zones and improvement of political relations with Western Europe as well as good relations with Eastern countries are settled in Belarus.

Foreign investors can carry out investment activity through:

  • opening of companies in Belarus;
  • establishing of representative offices in Belarus;
  • purchasing property or property rights, for example, shares (securities) in the statutory capital of company.

Our company is experienced in the sphere of investment projects and foreign investments.

In the field of investment and international trade law our company can provide the following services:

  • development of scheme of investment in Belarus;
  • legal support on all stages of investment project in Belarus;
  • analysis of existing agreements in the sphere of investments;
  • consultations on the financial issues such as money exchange control and foreign trade activities;
  • preparation of international trade contracts and agreements;
  • establishment of companies in Belarus, as well as representative offices and branches;
  • shares (securities) purchase of existing organizations, including the acquisition of land plots, other property and equipment in Belarus;
  • participation in tenders in Belarus.

If you decided to start international trade using your belarussian company our attorneys will help you in all matters relating to the international trade and investment law in Belarus. We will advise you on all matters and share our experience with you.