Liquidation and bankruptcy

Our law firm specializes in liquidation and bankruptcy procedures for a very long period of time.


If you decide to close your office in Belarus, our lawyers will help you to organize this process. Usually the whole process of company liquidation in Belarus takes from 6 to 12 months. The term of company liquidation depends on the tax check process – how fast tax office check your company. Sometimes the liquidation of a company can take even about 18 months.
Our services in the field of company liquidation include:

– preparation of the full strategy of company liquidation;

– preparation of all corporate documents relating to the taking decision on company liquidation;

– passing tax office checks, social security fund checks;

– dealing and negotiations with all creditors and debtors of the company;

– preparation of the closing balancesheet of the company;

– selling of the assets of the company;

– dealing with all banks, closing of all bank accounts of the company;

– managment of the whole liquidation process.

If in the procedure of company liquidation the Client cant fullfill the company’s obligations and there is a legal ground for initiating the bunkruptcy procedure our professional attorneys will help you to initiate the procedure of bankruptcy in the court. From our side we will manage your bankrupcy procedure as well as we will advise you on all legal matters relating to the bancrupcy process.

If you decided to close your company or your representative office in Belarus our attorneys will help you to do that. We will provide you professional legal services in this field to avoid problems and we will ensure that your company is closed in a proper and legal way.