Reorganization procedures

 We have more than 10 years experience in reorganization procedures of different types of companies in Belarus. Reorganization helps to solve different problems of owners of the company: to split the assets of the company, to prepare the company for the bankruptcy, to make the restructuration of the business.

Our legal services in the field of reorganization procedures include:

  • spin off legal procedure;
  • acquisition by another company;
  • merger legal services;
  • company type transformation services.

Any reorganization procedure is very serious step for any company and it requires to fulfill a lot of conditions. If one of these conditions is note fulfilled it can result in the cancellation of the reorganization by the court of the Republic of Belarus.

If you decided to make the restructuration or reorganization of your company our attorneys will help you to organize in a proper way the full procedure of reorganization to avoid any problems in the future.