Services for private clients

Our attorneys have more than 10 (ten) years experience in legal support of privat Clients in the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with our internal statistics, more than 75 % of these Clients are foreigners. Our attorneys fluently speak English language so it makes the communation between us and our Client more effective. Our law firm has privat Clients from the following countries: Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), other European countries (Poland, Italy, France, Slovakia, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany) as well as Middle East countries (Kingdom of Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan) and USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan. We also have Clients from Syria, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, India, Uzbekistan and South Korea.

Our attorneys provide the following legal services for our private Clients:

  • providing invitation letter for business Client for visiting Belarus;
  • real estate transactions;
  • migration matters: visas, residence permit;
  • migration matters for family members;
  • taxes issues;
  • legal advice on private investments in Belarus;
  • bank account opening;
  • documents legalization procedures;
  • marriage issues;
  • dispute resolutions;
  • tax and customs law.

If you need a personal attorney in the Republic of Belarus who speaks English, our attorneys will help you to solve all you legal problems in Belarus. We will advise you on all legal matters relating to your private life and stay in Belarus.