About our law office

Allford Group law office specializes in providing legal assistance to Belarusian and foreign clients, as well as representing interests in the process of interaction with state authorities. Our office is located in Minsk, the capital and heart of the Republic of Belarus, however, we provide legal assistance throughout the country in all courts of the Republic of Belarus. If you need a lawyer in Minsk – we will be happy to help you!

Our Clients

Our Clients today are both large international companies and Belarusian companies. To achieve this result, we are helped by the fact that the company’s priority is precisely the quality of the legal assistance provided: about 70% of new clients come to us on the recommendation of those who have already turned to us for help.

Our Law Office pays special attention to the issues of providing legal assistance to individuals. Among our Clients in this area are citizens of the USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, citizens of the member states of the European Union, Iran, the countries of the Middle East and Gulf. Our advocates and their assistants are fluent in English, which allows our foreign Clients to feel comfortable in communication.

Our Team

Our advantage is a strong, confident and close-knit team, where each lawyer has his own narrow specialization. The attorneys of our law office have extensive experience in government, the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, as well as in private companies, which undoubtedly helps us to solve the problems of our Clients with great understanding and a high degree of efficiency. If you need a lawyer or advocate in Minsk – welcome to our office. We will always see you as our client. If you are outside Minsk, this is also not a problem, our advocate will go to your place at the time strictly agreed between you.

We highly value each Client and constantly strive to strike a balance between the cost of our legal assistance and their quality. Strict adherence to the rules and regulations described above has created a good reputation for our Law Office, which we value and are very proud of.

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