Debt collection in Belarus

One of the main specializations of our law office is debt collection in Belarus. Our attorneys and advocates have a serious experience in this field as some of them has been working as a bailiff and judge in the court system of the Republic of Belarus in the past. Among the main Clients of our law office are the biggest corporations and companies that are dealing with different companies and business entities in Belarus.

In some cases to collect a debt from the debtor is not that difficult because sometimes it is enough just to make one call to your debtor and ask him to pay or sometimes its enough to send a written claim with the request to pay. In practice many debtors do not want to pay: they do not answer the calls, do not give any response. In case of failed attempts to get your money back when you feel that you cannot get your money back our law office will help you to organize the process of debt collection in Belarus. Sometimes Belorussian companies start to ignore foreign companies and they don’t want to pay: they don’t answer the phone call, they ignore emails and messages – our Clients face with this problem very often unfortunately.

Our services in the field of debt collection in Belarus include:

– collection of the information about the debtor: sometimes debtors do not carry out any activity and do not have property at all. Thus, spending resources and time to collect money from a debtor can be impossible. That is why we offer our clients to collect information about their debtor before we start the work on debt collection. Usually it saves Client’s time and money;

– legal advise on all legal matters related to debt collection in Belarus;

– determination of tactics of debt collection;

– preparation of precourt documents and claims;

– preparation for the courtcase and documents submission to the court;

– legal assistant of the execution of the court decision;

– representation of the Client’s interest in the court: our professional advocate will represent your interests in the court to defend the case;

– negotiations with the Client’s debtor relating to the payment of the debt.

If you decided to collect the debt in the Republic of Belarus from any Belarusian company or person our law office will organize you the full process of debt collection in Belarus. We will protect your interests in the debt collection procedure and we will help you to collect your debt in Belarus professionally. Please contact us to get more information.