Permission for permanent stay

Our law firm has a strong experience in the field of getting permissions for permanent stay in Belarus.  Permanent residence allows foreign citizen to stay in Belarus 365 (366) days a year and it gives foreigner a lot of rights. At the same time foreigner becomes a tax resident in Belarus.

The residence permit in the Republic of Belarus is a document for identifying a foreign citizen and stateless person in the Republic of Belarus. This permit is given and exchanged by the local migration office where a foreigner is registered.

Permission for permanent stay can be issued on the following grounds:

  • if a person is a close relative of a citizen of Belarus;
  • if a person has refugee status or asylum in the Republic of Belarus;
  • if a person lived in the Republic of Belarus for the last seven years continuously (subject to obtaining permission for temporary stay in Belarus);
  • if a person had previously the citizenship of the Republic of Belarus;
  • if a person is the employee and the specialist, which require organization of the Republic of Belarus;
  • if a person possesses exceptional abilities and talent or has outstanding merits to the Republic of Belarus, high achievements in science, technology, culture and sports.

Our services in the field of obtaining a permanent residence permit include:

– legal advice on all matters relating to obtaining permanent residence;

– preparation of all documents and submission of them to migration office;

– obtaining permanent residence permit;

– permanent residence extension;

– objection of migration office decision.

If you decide to obtain permanent residency in Belarus we will be glad to provide you full legal support about this. Our experienced lawyers will assist you in all matters relating to residence permit.