Residence permit in Belarus

One of the main job of our law firm is obtaining residence permit in Belarus. The residence permit in the Republic of Belarus is a document  that allows foreign citizen to stay in Belarus more than 90 days in a year.

To obtain a residence permit in Belarus a person should have one of the following legal grounds:

– a person came to study in Belarus;

– a person came to Belarus to do a business and this person is a shareholder (owner) of belarussian company;

– a person came to Belarus and works here as an employee;

– a person is a member of a Board of Directors;

– a person is owning an apartment in Belarus or a house;

– a person has some close relatives in Belarus.

Our Clients admit that the main advantages of having residence permit are:

  • if you have residence permit in Belarus you don’t need to fill in migration card when you are travelling;
  • you can stay in Belarus the whole year (you are not limited to 90 days);
  • you can have 1(one) year multiple visa so you can travel without any problems to Belarus;
  • you can buy car in Belarus and register the car on your name (having only visa is not enough to own a car here);
  • you can invite your family to visit Belarus;
  • you can pass road police examination to get a driving license.

Our legal services in the field of obtaining residence permit include:

  • legal advice on all matters relating to obtaining residence permit;
  • preparation of all documents for obtaining residence permit;
  • submission of all documents to migration office;
  • representation of Client’s interests in the migration office;
  • handling rent agreement issues/insurance issues;
  • objection of migration offices decisions;
  • extension of stay in case of appellation.

Residence permit in Belarus can be issued for 1 (one) year only. Each year residence permit should be extended for 1 (one) year.

If you decided to get residence permit in Belarus our team will help you to do it. We will prepare all necessary documents and we will submit them to migration office.