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If you are thinking to start your buisiness in Belarus or you already took a decision to incorporate a company in Belarus – welcome to our Law Office! We will be glad to assist you in your buisiness formation in Belarus.

Facts about our Law Office and Advocates:

  • Company formation is one of our main specialization;
  • Our advocates have experience in company formation since 1996;
  • We are registering more than 100 foreign legal entities per year in Belarus;
  • We have only English speaking advocates and attorneys;
  • We open companies in different fields: IT, construction, trading, services, real estate and development, telecommunications, pharmaceutical buisiness.

If you decide to open a company in Belarus, our lawyers and advocates will help you to register company in Belarus. The legislation of the Republic of Belarus provides the following types of companies:

– a Limited Liability Company (LLC);

– an Additional Liability Company (ALC);

– a Closed Joint Stock Company (CJSC);

– a Unitary Enterprise (UE);

– an Opened Joint Stock Company (Public Company).

All types of companies mentioned above are different –  our advocates usually help the Client to make the right decision on the company type. In this table you can see the main differences between all types of companies:

Criteria LLC ALC CJSC UE Public Company
№ of shareholders (min/max) 1-50 1-50 1-50 1 Not limited
Min statutory capital No No Around 1000 USD No around 4000 USD
Corporate bodies – Meeting of Shareholders

– Director

– Board of Directors (optional)

– Meeting of Shareholders

– Director

– Board of Directors (optional)

– Meeting of Shareholders

– Director

– Board of Directors (optional)

– Owner

– Director

– Meeting of Shareholders

– Director

– Board of Directors (optional)

Min/Max number of employees No limitations No limitations No limitations No limitations No limitations
Liability of shareholders Limited to the value of statutory fund Additional subsidiary liability Limited to the value of statutory fund Limited to the value of statutory fund Limited to the value of statutory fund

Our lawyers will give you a professional legal advise on the company creation in the Republic of Belarus. We will open company in Belarus for you as well as we will assist you in all legal matters related to the company formation procedures.

The most popular type of company in Belarus

Nowadays the most popular and the most flexible type of a company in the Republic of Belarus is Limited Liability Company (LLC). About 95 % of all business entities in Belarus have been created in the form of LLC.

Our lawyers and advocates provide the following legal services in the field of company incorporation in Belarus:

– legal advice on type of future company and it’s corporate structure;

– preparation of all documents, translations and notarization of necessary documents;

– getting approval for the company’s name;

– drafting the articles of association taking into consideration the interests of all shareholders of the future company;

– preparation of all necessary documents for the company registration in Belarus;

– representation in the Register of companies and documents submission;

– drafting the labour agreement with director of a company;

– bank account opening (open bank account in Belarus);

– managing services for your company in Belarus.

How long does it take to open a company in Belarus

Timeframes: it takes between 2 and 4 working days to open company in Belarus. The exact number of days depends on the structure of the shareholders and the necessity of documents translation and notarization.

Documents required to open a company in Belarus

To open company in Belarus our advocates need only your passport and  your presence in Belarus. If the Client would like to open a subsidiary in Belarus our advocates will need the statement on your company from the trade register or register of companies of your home country. If the Client can not come to Belarus for company registration procedure our lawyers can register the company remotely using the Power of Attorney.


If you decided to open your company in Belarus or if you want to get more details as well as a quatation please contact us. We guarantee that you will get high and professional quality company formation services from us and you will recommend us to your colleagues in the future.


company formation in Belarus is one of the main specializations of our law office;

– English-speaking attorneys;

– Deep understanding business in Belarus;

– We have only experienced lawyers and advocates: some of our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience in the field;

– High level of confidentiality;

– Fair pricing policy: we always make even more than we agreed!


If you decided to open company in Belarus we will be glad to help you.

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