Cryptocurrency in Belarus

Cryptocurrency was mentioned in the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus “Development of digital economy” in December 2017 (Text of the Decree is also available in English on the site).

According to the Decree cryptocurrency is the object of legal operations.  The Decree regulates all the operations with cryptocurrency.

The Decree includes the following provisions:

  1. Any entity can own cryptocurrency;
  2. Any person can be involved into process of mining. Mining is not considered to be entrepreneurs activity;
  3. 1st of January 2023 is the last day when any person can purchase cryptocurrency without taxation. Accordingly, one can do operations with cryptocurrency;
  4. 1st of January 2013 is the last day for the residents of HTP to operate without being taxed, including operations with cryptocurrency mining and its alienation.

New spheres of activity for residents of HTP are presented.

The following activities are included:

  1. Educational activity in the sphere of ICT;
  2. Cybersport, organization of the commands and tournaments;
  3. Artificial intelligence, investigation of remote control systems;
  4. Investigation of medical technologies, including different stages, biotechnology and the results of the research;
  5. Investigation of aircraft and space-based technologies;
  6. Commercial, brokerage services, excluding bank operations on the Internet, based on computer software worked out by residents of HTP.
  7. Biotechnology development, medical, aircraft, space-based technologies, cybersport.
  8. Other activities.

The new foundation of English Law.

The Decree offers separate aspects of English Law, in particular, converted loan, option, option agreement, noncompete agreement and property loss compensation.

Every notion is explained in the Decree with the high probability of future investigation and its final implementation in legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

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