Getting duplicate documents

Unfortunately, very often people lose various documents. Also, sometimes there are situations when some kind of document can be stolen from people, there are also situations when documents can be destroyed due to fire, flooding. In this case, as a rule, we are talking about the restoration of documents, obtaining duplicate documents.

Our Law Office has extensive experience in restoring (receiving duplicate documents) in Belarus. Among our Customers whom we help to recover documents are citizens of various states: USA, China, Russia, Israel, Brazil, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, France, Germany.

As a rule, Clients apply to our Law Office to obtain the following duplicate documents:

  • Birth certificate;
  • Certificate of registration of marriage;
  • Divorce certificate;
  • Education Documents.

Below we will consider the process of obtaining duplicate documents using the example of obtaining a duplicate Birth Certificate.

Obtaining a duplicate birth certificate in Belarus

This type of legal assistance is one of the main in the field of recovery of duplicate documents. We are restoring birth certificates for our Clients throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus: thus, it does not matter for us in which place in the Republic of Belarus you were born.

To save your money and time, we offer our Clients to give us a power of attorney to receive a duplicate birth certificate. This allows us to do all the work for you in a short time, and you, accordingly, will not have to spend money on tickets and come to the Republic of Belarus.

Duration of receipt of a duplicate birth certificate: as a rule, this procedure takes about 2 (two) weeks.

After receiving a duplicate birth certificate in Belarus and, if necessary, we can fully legalize this document for your use abroad.

In general, as a rule, the work on obtaining duplicate documents in Belarus is structured as follows:

  • Preliminary conversation with the Client, clarification of the request and the possibility of satisfying it;
    Conclusion of a contract for legal assistance;
  • Issuing a power of attorney to our Law Office to represent the interests of the Client in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Receiving the original power of attorney from the Client. Submission of necessary documents and applications to government bodies;
  • Receiving documents for the client;
  • Legalization of documents if necessary and sending documents by mail to the Client.