Family lawyer in Belarus

Our law office provides all types of legal services in the field of Family law in Belarus such as divorce, legal separation, adoption, child custody and access, child and spousal support determination and enforcement, division of financial and property interests, family mediation and marriage contracts.

Among our Clients in the field of Family law – big number of foreign citizens from the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Greece, Switzerland, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Jordan, India, Japan, China and Russian Federation.

Our services in the field of Family law are provided by our Managing partner who is professional advocate with more than 14 years experience in the field of Family law. Our advocates and lawyers speak English so its allows to avoid communication problems with the Client. Usually we handle all legal issues of our Clients using power of attorney that our clients provide us in advance. It saves time and the Client doesn’t need to come to Belarus – we handle all his matter on his behalf. If you are searching for a Family lawyer in Belarus – you have found the right law office!

These are the most popular and demanded by our Clients legal services provided by us in the field of Family law of Belarus:


– Legal requirements for marriage, including all formalities;

– Recognition of foreign marriage in Belarus.


– Family business creation, running;

– Protecting the family assets;

– Sharing and division of family property;

– Property disputes.


– Procedures and requirements for Enforcement of Foreign Judgments;

– Drafting legal documents, concerning Enforcement of Foreign Judgments.


– Peaceful dispute resolution;

– Mediation agreement drafting.


Our experts in the field of Family law will help you to sort out your legal problems in the field of Family law of Belarus. Our family law attorneys will protect your rights and interests in professional way.

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