Criminal lawyer in Minsk, Belarus (Criminal defense lawyer in Belarus)

Legal assistance of advocates of Allford Group Law Office in criminal cases means professional protection of citizens and foreigners against illegal or unjustified accusations, as well as illegal restrictions on their rights and freedoms. With extensive experience and practice, the criminal lawyer in Minsk will thoroughly examine your case, advise on all issues arising in the course of the criminal case, attract witnesses to the case, commit any actions permitted by law that will help resolve the situation in your favor and protect your the rights.

Why you should choose us

– Criminal law practice is the main activity of our lawyers in criminal cases for more than 10 years;
– Many of our specialists in criminal matters are former law enforcement officers with great experience, who know and have experience in dealing with authorities. Our advocates and lawyers in the past worked in the bodies of financial investigations, the Investigation Committee and know firsthand the specifics of conducting criminal cases.

Our criminal defense lawyer provides the following legal assistance:

– professional assessment of the situation and the development of a strategy in a criminal case;

– protection of the interests and rights of persons suspected or accused of a crime during the preliminary investigation and inquiry procedures;

– protection of the interests of witnesses in a criminal case (advocate for a witness);

– protection of interests in court, management of criminal cases in court;

– appeal of court sentences.

The lawyers of our Law Office for Criminal cases provide legal assistance in criminal matters in the following areas:

– Criminal legal protection of business;

– Protection of enterprise managers from criminal prosecution;

– Lawyer for economic crimes;

– Counsel for the crime of “fraud”

– A lawyer on tax evasion;

– Counsel for the witness;

– A lawyer in cases involving drug trafficking;

– A lawyer in cases involving theft of property;

– Counsel for cases involving bodily harm;

– A lawyer for corruption (giving and receiving bribes).

What specific actions will we take

– Detailed advise on the criminal case in order to protect the Client from wrong steps and increase the chances of a successful outcome of the case;
– We will develop the legal position of the victim, suspect, convict;
– We will provide escort of the Client for interrogation, investigation, pre-trial and judicial examination of the criminal case;
– We will prepare all the necessary documents;
– We protect the interests of the Client in all courts, investigative bodies and other state bodies.
Choosing our law office to criminal lawyers you can be sure that you will receive professional protection of your rights and interests in the criminal proceedings, as well as get professional advice from experienced criminal lawyers regarding your situation.

Why you have to choose us if you are a foreigner?

– our advocates and lawyers speak English;

– entrepreneur will be provided in case if we don’t know your language;

– more than 70 % of our Clients are foreigners so we know the specific about their cases.

How to find and contact us

If you decided to invest in Belarus or you are considering some options how toinvest in Belarus we will be glad to help you.

Our contacts you can find here.

Also here is the office mobile number (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp): +37529 357 03 55.

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