Marriage contract in Belarus

The conclusion of marriage is one of the most important events in the life of every person. As attorney’s and judicial practice shows, most of the problems associated with marriage are due to the fact that citizens do not receive sufficient knowledge and legal aspects of the institution of marriage before it is concluded.

A lot of questions and problems can be prevented in advance by concluding a marriage contract. A marriage contract is an agreement that may be entered into by persons intending to marry (who has filed an appropriate application with the Registry Office), or already married.

The marriage contract in Belarus is certified by a notary. Our lawyer in Minsk can advise citizens on the points of interest in the marriage contract in Belarus, help in developing the legal position of each of the parties under the contract.

Lawyer practice shows that cases of citizens’ appeals on issues of termination of the marriage contract have recently become more frequent. in this case there are two ways: the marriage contract in Belarus is terminated by an additional agreement on its dissolution. This option takes place when a mutual agreement has been reached between the spouses about the need to terminate the marriage contract. Otherwise, there is another option – the dissolution of the marriage contract in court.

In addition, there are frequent cases when a marriage contract in Belarus is recognized as inactive. However, this procedure is subject to the general rules of recognizing the transaction as invalid. To do this, it is necessary to prove the presence of the most determinate grounds, such as: the conclusion of a marriage contract under the influence of deception or delusion, fictitiousness of marriage, etc.

Our advocates can provide you legal services in the field of marriage contract drafting and consulting as well as to assist you in the notary office during the procedure of marriage contract registration.