Buy company in Belarus

Our lawyers have a very strong more than 10 years experience in the field of M&A transactions in the Republic of Belarus. Within last 5 years we participated in more than 200 M&A deals on the side of buyer and more than 140 M&A deals on the side of seller.

Our law office has a huge experience in the field of M&A in the following businesses: restaurant business, manufacturing, IT, real estate and development.

Our legal services in the field of M&A include:

  • legal pre-purchase due diligence of business;
  • structuring of a future deal including tax planning;
  • participation in the negotiations between the parties of a deal;
  • estimating possible risks during execution of a deal;
  • preparing and drafting all necessary transaction documents;
  • obtaining all necessary permissions from the authorities;
  • consulting on antitrust law.

Among our Clients in the field of M&A – foreign companies from Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), other European countries (Italy, France, Slovakia, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium) as well as Middle East countries (Kingdom of Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan) and USA, Canada, Mexico.

If you decided or you are thinking to buy business in Belarus our attorneys and advocates will assist you to make the deal safe. We will check and guarantee that the deal is 100 % legal and it will not result in and will not bring you any problems in the future. Contact us to get more details.