Labor and migration

One of the main specializations of our law office is labor and migration law of the Republic of Belarus. We are working very closely with embassies and consulates of foreign countries and we help citizens of all these countries to solve all their migration problems in Belarus. Among our Clients in this field – big and famous international companies that have foreign employees in Belarus.

The geography of our Clients here is very wide: we have big number of Clients from the North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Peru), Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia) as well as MENA region (Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt) and Asian countries (China, India, South Korea, Sri-Lanka). Moreover, we have a huge experience with providing legal support for citizens of the countries that are considered by Belarusian migration offices as unfavorable in migration field: e.g. Republic of Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, Syria as well as some African countries.

All our attorneys speak English so they don’t need any translator to understand the Client well.

Our legal services in the field of migration law include:

– legal advice on all legal matter relating to migration law of the Republic of Belarus;

– obtaining residency in the Republic of Belarus;

– obtaining permanent residency in the Republic of Belarus;

– obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Belarus;

– obtaining work permit in the Republic of Belarus;

– obtaining one entry/two entries/multiple visas in the Republic of Belarus;

– stay registration in the Republic of Belarus.

Objection of the migration office decisions

Sometimes migration offices in Belarus reject to give mentioned above documents because of many reasons and the person should leave Belarus in accordance with the migration office prescription. Sometimes when there are some legal reasons a person can be deported from the Republic of Belarus and it is prohibited for him to come back within next 1-10 years.

Our lawyers have a huge professional experience in the objection of migration offices’ decisions. We know all procedures and the law so it allow us to help people to get a positive decision of the migration office on their case.

Our services in the field of objection of migration office decision include:

  • preparation of a written claim and its submission to the authorities;
  • preparation of the documents to reduce the term of ban on visiting Belarus;
  • objection of getting residency refusal;
  • objection of getting work permit refusal;
  • objection of registration refusal;
  • court dispute in the field of migration law.

If you have any problems with migration authorities in Belarus, if you have any dispute in the field of migration law our experienced professional attorneys will help you to solve it.  All our attorneys speak English language so they can deal with the Client directly without any additional assistance. Our law firm will be glad to help you in solving your migration matters in Belarus.