Work permit

One of the main specialization of our law firm is obtaining work permits for foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus. Among our Clients – international companies and representative offices of foreign companies that have foreign employees in Belarus. We are getting more than 200 work permits for our Clients yearly.

In accordance with the law, foreign citizen has the right to carry out labor activity in Belarus if he obtains permission for work and concludes a labor contract with his employer.Work permit is issued for a period of 1 (one) year with the right of its extension for 1 (one) year. After the extension it will be necessary to get a new work permit.

Our services in the field of obtaining work permit incude:

– legal advice on all matter relating to obtaining work permit;

– preparation of all necessary documents and submission all document to migration office;

– dealing with labour authorities regarding foreign employees employment;

– work permit extension;

– cancellation of work permit;

– registration of a labour contract in the migration office.

After obtaining work permit the employer should conclude a labor contract with a foreign citizen. It is necessary to consider the provisions of the law on foreigners under the employment contract. That legislation required to include specific provisions in a labor contract with a foreign citizen, such as information on medical services, insurance etc.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the legislation of the labor contract with a foreign citizen should be registered in the Migration Department.

If you decided to hire foreign employee your company will provide you full legal support relating to this issue. Our lawyers will assist you in the migration office, will prepare all necessary documents and will obtain work permit for you as well as register labor contract in the migration office.