Hi-Tech Park and Cryptocurrency in Belarus

IT boom in Belarus

The course on the development of information technology in the Republic of Belarus was taken by the Government of Belarus and the President in 2005, when the President of the Republic of Belarus signed the Decree on the creation of the Hi-Tech Park.

The preamble of the decree stated that the goal of creating HTP is to create favorable conditions for increasing the competitiveness of Belarusian economy sectors based on new and high technologies, further improving the organizational, economic and social conditions for developing modern technologies and increasing their exports, this area of domestic and foreign investment. Nowadays around 1000 (one thousand) companies have the status of the resident of the High-Tech Park.

Cryptocurrency introduction in Belarus

Later in December 2017 the President of the Republic of Belarus has signed Decree «On development of digital economy». In the mentioned decree the President supported the idea of legal recognition of cryptocurrency in the Republic of Belarus as well as he supported the further development of HTP in Belarus. From that time you can legally establish a cryptocurrency exchange in Belarus, officially open bank accounts for such legal entity and to be officially recognized in Belarus and all over the world as licensed cryptoexchange.

At the same time the mentioned decree allows physical persons to carry out mining activities, sell/buy crypto without any tax. This brought a lot of fame to Belarus.

IT and cryptobuisiness in 2020-2021 in Belarus

Nowadays Belarus IT field is becoming more attractive for foreign companies and investors: each year a big number of IT companies is incorporated in Belarus and enters HTP (+ around 300 companies in 2020).

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