Dispute resolution and litigation in Belarus

Our advocates have a very big experience in the field of dispute resolution. We represent our Clients in commercial and general jurisdiction courts as well as in the Constitutional court. In accordance to our internal statistics, we won about 93% of all case we have handled.

Our law firm provides legal services in the field of dispute resolution in the following areas:

  • corporate, commercial, antimonopoly disputes;
  • disputes relating to the migration law and regulation in Belarus;
  • disputes relating to the real estate law;
  • financial disputes;
  • disputes between the shareholders of the company;
  • disputes resulted from bankruptcy procedures;
  • disputes in the field of contract law.

Our legal services in the field of dispute resolution include:

  • development of the strategy to avoid the conflict or a dispute;
  • pre-court claims and negotiations;
  • preparation of all necessary document for rising the case in the court;
  • submission of all the documents to the court;
  • representation of the Client’s interest in the court;
  • recognition of the decision of the foreign court in the Republic of Belarus;
  • legal support of the execution of the court decision in the Republic of Belarus/enforcement procedures;
  • participation in the arbitration procedures;

If you need to protect your interests in the Republic of Belarus as well as you need to represent your interest in the court of the Republic of Belarus our professional attorneys and advocates will help you to rise the case in the court as well as to protect your interests in the court.