Apostille in Belarus

More than 70% of the Clients of our Law Office are foreign citizens and foreign legal entities. Thus, daily in our work we are faced with issues of legalization of documents and their apostilization.

What is Apostille for?

In simple words, the Apostille is a kind of stamp that allows you to use a document issued in one country in any other country that also recognizes the Apostille. Thus, for example, if you want a document issued in Belarus (for example, a duplicate of a Birth Certificate) to be recognized in the USA, you need to get an Apostille.

What documents can I put the Apostille on

A large number of documents can be apostilled. Below we list the main documents:

– Documents originating from courts, archives and notaries (for example powers of attorney, court decisions);
– Documents coming from educational institutions (for example diploma);
– Documents coming from archives (for example references).

Getting Apostille remotely

Our Law Office has extensive experience in obtaining Apostille for our clients. As a rule, work on obtaining Apostille for our Clients is carried out as follows:

1) A preliminary conversation with the Client, clarification of the request and the possibility of its satisfaction;
2) Conclusion of a contract for legal assistance;
3) Issuing a power of attorney to our Law Office to represent the interests of the Client in the Republic of Belarus on issues of apostilization of documents;
4) Obtaining the original power of attorney from the Client. Submission of documents for apostilization;
5) Receiving documents for the Client and sending documents by mail.

It should be noted that, in essence, the Apostille does not have an expiration date – it is valid indefinitely (however, if the document on which the Apostille is affixed has an expiration date, then the Apostille does not extend the validity of the document).

Consular legalization of documents (cases when the Apostille is not placed)

To date, there are a sufficient number of countries in the world that have not yet acceded to the Apostille Convention. In this case, putting an Apostille for using documents in these countries makes absolutely no sense – in this case, it is necessary to go through the procedure of consular legalization of documents.

In this case, it all depends on the country where exactly you want to provide the specified document. In these situations, as a rule, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and the embassy of the foreign state where the document is submitted will be involved.

If you need an Apostille, the lawyers of our Law Office will be ready to help you with these issues. We will ensure you receive all the necessary documents in Belarus, as well as receive the necessary stamps and signatures for the recognition of documents received in a foreign country.