Recovery and documents legalization in Belarus

Unfortunately, very often there are situations when our Clients lose any official documents. There are also situations when documents have been destroyed or stolen. In such cases, we are talking about the restoration of documents i.e. about receiving, as a rule, duplicate documents.

A large number of people contact our Law Office annually to help them recover any documents. We receive most of these requests from abroad: as a rule, Belarusians who move or live on permanent residence in another state turn to us from there.

Documents recovery in Belarus

Contacting our Law Office for Document Recovery saves a lot of time and money for our Clients, as in fact, all work, in this case, takes place remotely: the Client does not have to come to the Republic of Belarus for these purposes, we do all the work ourselves and send the documents already received to the Client by express mail.

As a rule, the work on obtaining duplicate documents in Belarus consists of the following steps:
1) Preliminary free consultation with the Client, clarification of the Client’s request;
2) Making a power of attorney at our Law Office to represent the interests of the Client in the Republic of Belarus (as a rule, we provide our text of the power of attorney to the Client). The power of attorney must be duly legalized.
3) Obtaining the original power of attorney from the Client. Submission of necessary documents and applications to government bodies.
4) Obtaining duplicate documents for the Client.
5) Sending the received documents by express mail to the Client.

Depending on the document to be obtained, the whole procedure usually takes no more than 20 (twenty) calendar days.

Documents legalization in Belarus

Since usually, our Clients order these duplicate documents for use abroad, our Law Office before sending these documents abroad ensures the legalization of these documents in the Republic of Belarus (as a rule, obtaining Apostille). Apostilization of documents in Belarus, as a rule, takes no more than 3 (three) working days additionally.

Sometimes we are contacted by Clients from those countries where the Apostille is not recognized. In this case, we provide consular legalization of documents for the Client.

Very often, the Client also asks the document to be translated into a specific foreign language. This is also not a problem, our lawyers will provide a translation of documents into any foreign language – for this, we use the services of a translation agency in Belarus.

As noted, our Law Office has a great deal of experience. Documents and obtaining duplicates of various documents in the Republic of Belarus. In the case of contacting us, you can be sure that we will fulfil your instructions to receive duplicate documents in Belarus efficiently and surely on time.

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