Company formation in the Republic of Belarus

Procedure of company registration in Belarus is regulated by the only 1 document – Decree № 1 (hereinafter – the Decree) of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated January 1, 2009. This document describes the whole procedure of company registration and establishment of company on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The Decree provides the following types of legal entities that can be incorporated in Belarus:

1) Closed Joint Stock Company;

2) Unitary Enterprise;

3) Opened Joint Stock Company;

4) Limited Liability Company;

5) Additional Liability Company.

Our lawyers can assist you in incorporation of any type of company that is mentioned above. In our practice the most popular forms of the companies in Belarus are:

1) Limited Liability Company;

2) Closed Joint Stock Company;

3) Unitary Enterprise.

In our opinion from January 26, 2016 the situation will change and Unitary Enterprise will not be popular company for registration in Belarus. The reason is that from January 26, 2016 Limited Liability Company can consist of 1 shareholder (before it should be minimum 2 shareholders that was the reason why Unitary Enterprise was popular).

The based document of each incorporating company is charter of the company. Our lawyers will help to develop and write the charter in the way that Client wants – it can help to protect the rights of minority shareholder, to put limits of the powers of director, to protect the company from the third party.

In practice to open a company in Belarus it usually takes 2-3 days. Usually all these days lawyers collect and prepare all necessary papers for company incorporation, develop the provisions of the charter together with the client, organize the translation and notarization of passports, power of attorneys and other papers. When all the papers are ready all the shareholders should go together with the lawyers to the registration office. Before this they have to pay the state fee for company incorporation – in Belarus the state fee for opening of company is about 30 USD. Registration office will check the papers, will check all passport and other necessary papers and put the registration stamp on the charter. So the process of company registration in the registration office will take 20 minutes. The company is considered as registered at the day of applying with the all necessary papers.

After the registration of company the representative of the company can order a seal of the company. Usually the seal can be made within 1 working day. When the seal is made the head of the company can go to the bank and open a bank account. Usually opening of the bank account takes 1 day.

If the head of the company will be a foreign citizen in this case it is obligatory to get a special permit for work in Belarus. Without a special permission for work foreigner doesn’t have the right to works in Belarus. Usually in practice it takes about 25-30 days to get this special work permit.

To summarize everything descripted above we can declare that the usual process of company formation in Belarus normally takes 2-4 days. After this you will have all the company papers, seal and bank account that will be enough to start business.

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