The number of HTP residents is a quarter more.

The supervisory Board of HTP has decided to register 46 new companies as new residents of HTP.

The largest increase in the 10-year history of HTP happened few weeks ago. Now there are 238 resident HTP companies, before that there were 192 resident HTP companies.

In the administration of the park such a stir among the companies was explained by signing Decree № 8 “on the development of the digital economy” in December 2017.

The IT community has praised this document. Everybody wants to be in the IT-country. Most of accepted companies by HTP have recently been established and are guided in their business plans by the transparent working conditions of the IT industry provided by Decree № 8. There are also companies that have previously refrained from joining the HTP, but Decree № 8 changed their minds and pushed to enter the park – 12 out of 46 new residents were created until 2016, as it was explained previously.

As planned in the Decree, the number of food companies is growing. New eight residents are engaged in the creation of their own products, twenty one of them are trying to implement a mixed business model (while creating its software, one can work at outsourcing).

The new residents cover the latest areas: Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the internet of things. Five companies are engaged in hardware. Many residents are focused on home market.