Company formation in the Republic of Belarus

Procedure of company registration in Belarus is regulated by the only 1 document – Decree № 1 (hereinafter – the Decree) of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated January 1, 2009. This document describes the whole procedure of company registration and establishment of company on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The Decree […]

Belarus introduced the visa-free regime for a number of the countries

On 9 January 2017 President of Belarus signed a Decree No. 8 “On establishing a visa-free order of entrance and departure of foreign citizens”. According to the current decree, citizens of some countries are given the right to obtain visa-free entry for a period not exceeding 5 days. These are 80 countries, including Albania, Andorra, […]

Belarus and Hong Kong signed an agreement on double taxation avoidance

Belarus and Hong Kong signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation of income and property on January 16, 2017. The agreement is aimed at determining the payment of income tax, profit tax, income tax from individuals and the real estate tax. This agreement was concluded with a goal to allocate rights of taxation between […]